Thursday, September 3, 2015

Writing your 1st e-Book. An Astrological Guide


Writing your first e-book

How often have you heard yourself (and others) say: "I'd like to write a book”? Everyone has the ability, all you need is the ideas, the inspiration, plus the stamina to sit down and write every moment you can until your book is a reality. Never think for a moment it will all just fall into place. Someone once said about writing: “its 10% inspiration 90% perspiration " Did you know that Astrology can offer insight into what you could write about? All you need to know is your Sun Sign and read is written below to find the areas of inspiration or areas of interest (least resistance) as indicated by your Astrological Sign.
Aries: You are known for starting a project but can be hopeless in seeing it through. You'll have bright ideas about everything but lack the persistence and patience for the long hard labour of giving birth to your subject. Writing is like having a baby, once the idea is conceived there are many months (some- times years) before you giving birth to your brainchild. Along the way, there are many moments where you might abort your baby therefore, short stories are probably best for the Aries writer. News items, sport stories, adventures stories, short punchy' columns, you need feedback on your work if you're to continue for any length of time, if writing a book and receive an advance, give yourself a reasonable deadline for delivery of your manuscript otherwise you'll end up paying back any monies advanced to you.

Taurus: If you have the urge to write you should seriously think about attending a writing class, mixing with others who are learning the same skills as yourself. Although Taurus is not one of the `natural' signs for writing, quite a few Taureans have made a lot of money from their efforts, for the have the persistence and perseverance to finish what they begin. The theatre will intrigue, in fact, many playwrights and dramatists are born in Taurus, so think about writing a short play. Possessing an inherent sense of timing you should consider writing musicals. When you receive one rejection note after another never give up, keep plodding on and success will be yours. When the money rolls in there's no one better at showing off their new - found wealth than a Taurus. Once they have made their mark (and their money) they should seriously think about sponsoring any up and coming writers.

  Gemini: If there's natural sign for writing then Gemini must take full honours. More writers are born in the sign of Mercury than you know. Factual articles are your strongest point, journalism dailies, weeklies, periodicals. If you are just starting out you should compile a few short stories and send them off to the features editor of your favourite magazine. Gossip columnists, royal watchers, movie critics are usually born with the planet Mercury strong in their chart. Once you've gotten into the routine of writing something every day you'll soon find small payments to trickle in, and one day, who knows, that large sum you dream about might just come your way. Take another tip from Astrology; always keep a copy of what you write as there is a tendency for Gemini's to lose things in the post.

 Cancer: Best sellers are often written by those born in the sign of the Moon. You have a flair for knowing what the public wants so write about whatever you feel. You have an instinct for the historical (or, is that hysterical?) romantic type of novel. Family saga's, stories of patriotism. You have a fertile imagination so let it take you where it will. If you're ever commissioned to write you should jump at the chance for you are fantastic when it comes to serials, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat each week wondering how the hero or heroine will manage to escape the plots you weave for them. Write for women’s magazines and you'll soon find the dollars rolling in. When the money come your way make sure you either pay off the mortgage or purchase property with any extra cash that comes from your writing.

  Leo: Children's books will appeal (one of the hardest markets). Write about what you know, rely on your own memory and experience rather than on your imagination. Like Taureans you have a flair for the theatre and the bigger the production the better, think about writing a play. During life, you are bound to meet many interesting people (celebrities and such like) keep a diary of your encounters so that you can write about them later. Leo's love to gossip or spilling the beans! Another side of the coin is your ability to understand money that's right, money. Always giving advice as to what others can do with their money, the interest they can earn, how to speculate, to accumulate, etc. Why not write a financial column?

   Virgo: Write about your hobbies for you have a style which others can understand. Handbooks, how - to books, books on diet and exercise and are best written by Virgo's. Books on health and hygiene will appeal. If you ever went into the field of journalism you would be good at reporting on foreign affairs, civil wars, political coup - d’├ętats, etc. Proof readers, sub-editors, all critics come under the domain of Virgo. If you really want to involve yourself in writing you should approach publishing houses, newspaper editors, specialist magazines for a job. If your hobby or profession is in the medical field you should consider writing booklets on emotional and physical well being.

 Libra: Forget about the daily chore of writing on your own for you need a partner, someone to push you a little harder than you push yourself. I won't say you are lazy, it's just that you complain of having a writers `block' more than any other sign, preferring to be out socialising than sitting down and writing your masterpiece. You have a flair for a good love story and even if it scares you, you are good at writing horror stories as well. Write about animals and you'll soon find yourself coming up with a few good plots. If you ever find your lucky (and who said it had anything to do with luck!) to be published you may even find your work being made into a movie! If this happens, find yourself a good agent, accountant, manager, and lawyer.

 Scorpio: Being a serious sort you'll put all you can into your subject matter, researching your story until you have all the facts `just right'. Your style must be incisive and to the point. Crime stories are an area you should approach. The Occult appeals as will reincarnation Satirists are born in this sign of Pluto as are those who have psychological approach to their writing. You have a good imagination and should allow it full rein every so often however, please go easy on the coffee and cigarettes (drugs and booze as well) when you are on a writing binge. Of all the signs you have the talent to make it big. Don't blow it on sex, drugs, rock'n'roll.

  Sagittarius: This is another sign where you could say "naturals" are born. You have a philosophical style tending to assume your readers know as much about your subject as you do, so be careful if you find yourself preaching to your audience. Born to this sign you have a bright and breezy style, able to write just about anything so cultivate the habit of writing something every day. When you sit down to write please take the time to explain your plot as carefully as possible, in this way you won't lose those whom you want to reach. If you've travelled you should write about the people you've met, the places you've been, the events that have happened to you. When those rejection notices come your way remember, there's no other sign capable of picking itself up, dusting itself down and starting all over again like a Sagittarian.

 Capricorn: Although you're not known for your spontaneous creativity you're very good at bringing up - to - date any long forgotten material. Interestingly, editors and publishers are born to the sign of the Sea Goat. When you have the urge to write you should consider self-publishing. Writing about cookery, farming, gardening, arts and craft, are all good sellers in the market place so consider these areas for your talents, in fact, you might even make a lot of money in self publishing how to succeed books. Success comes to those who have the tenacity to keep on keeping on and after 20 years or so you'll become the overnight sensation you have always dreamed of becoming. If you ever manage to pick up the rights to a story you'll be acclaimed for the way you handle the original and any sequels afterwards, (sequels are your forte).

 Aquarius: Writing for television is where you should concentrate your talents. You might find the advertising world of jingles appeals so consider writing for the latest coffee, tea or chocolate commercial. Science fiction might appeal as might topics of Self Awareness / Self Development. Welfare issues, humanitarian concerns, the environment will all intrigue. No matter what you write about you need the most up - to - date equipment, not for you the old trusty typewriter. No sir! You need the latest word processor / computer. Most Uranian's are ahead of their time so don't expect your work to be accepted at first reading. Drawing cartoons might be a talent you have overlooked since your childhood (when you used to be a rebel graffiti artist!)

 Pisces: Being an emotional sign your writing should reflect this in the words you use. Romantic novelists are born in the sign of Neptune. When you sit down to write you really immerse yourself in your characters, just make sure you don't get lost in your fantasy world. Fairy tales, stories of ghosts and goblins, soapies for television, are all areas you should explore / exploit. Like Cancerians you have a finger on a pulse, able to produce work which is consumed by the masses. Books being turned into mini - series, books turned into movies and sold internationally are all within the realms of possibility for Piscean writers who come up with a good yarn.

  What you have read is a thumb - rule guide to what your Sun Sign indicates as an area of least resistance for your talents, for more details ( accurate ) information you need to know your exact time and place of birth having your chart read by a competent Astrologer. In the meantime I wish all you budding writers all the success you seek in your writing.
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